Waking Up Catholic Book Release

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Waking Up Catholic Book Release

After two and a half years of work, today is the official Waking Up Catholic book release.  This is my first published work as an author, and our first title as a new publishing company.  It is an exciting time for me and my family.

Assisi Media Family - Waking Up Catholic Book Release

I want to thank my family for their unending love and support, especially my wife (Mari) and daughter (Sarah), who are pictured to the right (along with our baby-to-be, Elliana).

This book is also dedicated to the memory of Thomas Nejmeh, my brother-in-law, who passed away just two months ago.  We chose today’s release date, the Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle, in his honor.

We are excited to begin this new journey as a publishing company.  Our goal is to spread the Word of God in ways that are more available to the masses.  Our hope is that Waking Up Catholic stays true to that mission.

The eBook and paperback will be available on Amazon, but it may take some time for the pages to go live on the site.  Keep checking back for the latest on the book release.  Hopefully, the eBook will be live by later today, and the paperback within the next day or two.

For more information about the book, click here.

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Author: Chad R. Torgerson

Assisi Media focuses on bringing creative products to the market, and Chad R. Torgerson is the driving force behind that. He is the author of Assisi Media’s first release, Waking Up Catholic, and is in charge of managing the creative side of the business. From creating products himself to acquiring new products, Chad’s primary objective is to bring quality materials to the Catholic public.