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Chad R. Torgerson

Author of Waking Up Catholic, Speaker, and Co-Founder of Assisi Media

Chad R. Torgerson - Catholic SpeakerChad R. Torgerson is the author of Assisi Media’s first release, Waking Up Catholic: A Guide to Catholic Beliefs for Converts, Reverts, and Anyone Becoming Catholic.  He is also the creative side of Assisi Media itself, which he founded with his wife, Mari, and is available as a Catholic speaker for your next event.

He offers dynamic presentations aimed at rebuilding the Church by focusing on foundational topics.  Mass attendance in the West may be in decline, but he aims to improve that by getting back to the basics.

The RCIA Process

A few years ago, prior to becoming a Catholic speaker and author, Chad completed the RCIA process to become Catholic, but quickly found that resources for new Catholics were sometimes difficult to find.  Many of the resources were not focused on teaching basic Catholic beliefs to new Catholics or lifelong Catholics looking to take their faith beyond the pews.

To combat this problem, Chad started, a website focused on helping RCIA students, whether they are converts or reverts, learn more about the Catholic faith.  From basic topics to studying Scripture, offers resources for anyone just beginning their journey of faith.


Using his skills and talents with information technology, Chad has developed a number of websites for Catholic organizations, including this site.  He also has developed social media campaigns to support his writing, and he regularly writes at a number of different blogs.

Beyond promoting his own work, Chad hopes to educate dioceses, parishes, bookstores, and other organizations on how the Internet, social media, and other tools can benefit their evangelization efforts.



Overview of Waking Up Catholic

In this presentation, Chad will share more about his personal story, including his conversion, that led him to begin  It focuses on Waking Up Catholic’s model of getting back to the basics, and how we can help spread the faith by sharing its simplest beauties.  This is his core topic and purpose as a Catholic speaker.

Catholic Arithmetic

When we teach children math, we do not begin with algebra, geometry, and calculus; we begin with basic arithmetic.  We teach children to count and that 1 + 1 = 2.  We form a foundation for the rest of their learning.  In the same way, we should do the same when teaching others about Catholicism.  Before we dive into the deeper aspects of our faith, we need to begin with the very basics of Catholicism.

Apologetics vs. Evangelization

Both apologetics and evangelization play an important role in sharing our faith with the world around us.  However, there are very specific times and opportunities to use each.  This discussion will help the audience understand the difference between the two, and the need to re-focus our evangelization efforts on love – not theological debates.

The New Evangelization

One of the most popular buzz words in modern Catholic times is the New Evangelization.  Unfortunately, many Catholics do not understand what it means, the first steps to take, or its basic purpose.  The New Evangelization is not about using new media to evangelize – it’s about getting back to our evangelical roots as a Church.

Old Faith, New Media

In this presentation, primarily aimed at parish and diocesan leaders, Chad teaches the audience how to build an online presence through websites, blogs, and social media.  He will give them the basic tools needed to begin evangelizing online and connecting with everyday Catholics through technology.



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