About Assisi Media

Chad and Mari Torgerson

 The Team

When Chad and Mari Torgerson first began dating, Chad was just beginning the RCIA process to become Catholic.  Chad had been a non-denominational Christian for many years, but he was just starting to explore the Catholic faith.  Mari was raised in the Catholic Church and attended Mass regularly, yet was looking for ways to take her faith beyond the pews.

As Chad continued the RCIA process, their faith grew together.  Chad learned about the beauty of Catholicism while Mari learned how to apply her faith in new ways.  Together, they understand the challenges of becoming Catholic for the first time and trying to re-ignite a childhood faith that is looking for something more.  Using that background, they formed Assisi Media to help catechize and re-catechize Catholics at all levels.

With that mission in mind, Assisi Media strives to bring resources for those just starting their faith journey.  Whether it is someone’s first look at Catholicism, or their first attempt to take their faith seriously, Assisi Media will offer resources for the average Catholic.

Mari Torgerson

Co-Founder of Assisi Media and Owner

Mari TorgersonIn any business, there has to be someone with the skills to manage and run the business effectively.  Mari’s background in business allows her to help organize Assisi Media and to ensure that the team’s creative goals match their business goals.  She is always behind the scenes ensuring that Assisi Media’s business objectives are met on a timely basis.

Beyond her managerial and organizational skills, Mari is also the primary sales arm of the company.  Mari has a compassionate heart that allows her to immediately connect with almost anyone.  Using that gift, Mari helps to spread the word about Assisi Media by building strong relationships with their customers – always remembering that the primary objective of Assisi Media is to share the Gospel and love of Christ.


Chad R. Torgerson

Co-Founder of Assisi Media and Author of Waking Up Catholic

Chad R. TorgersonAssisi Media focuses on bringing creative products to the market, and Chad is the driving force behind that.  He is the author of Assisi Media’s first release, Waking Up Catholic, and is in charge of managing the creative side of the business.  From creating products himself to acquiring new products, Chad’s primary objective is to bring quality materials to the Catholic public.

With his background in information technology, Chad also develops the technology used by Assisi Media.  He creates websites, eBooks, layouts for traditional books, videos,  and other digital content.  He also manages their social media presence.  Using his skills, Chad ensures that Assisi Media uses all avenues of new media to bring the message of Christ to a fallen world.